Users can view and edit their main information about themselves on the My Profile page.

To get access to the profile settings, click the icon in the top right corner and choose My Profile.

Uploading a New Photo

  1. To add a new profile photo, a user should click the plus icon in the Your photo field. 

    The supported photo formats are JPG, PNG or GIF. Each side of it should be from 75 to 4000 pixels.

  2. The next step is to select a photo on the computer and click Open.

  3. The photo will be uploaded to the profile.

Deleting a Photo

  1. To delete a profile photo or replace it with another picture, click on the cross icon on the photo. 

  2. The photo will be deleted. 

Changing Password

On the My Profile page, users can change their password. 

  1. In the Change Password area, the user should enter Current password, then New Password and confirm it.

  2. The user should click Save changes to save the new password.

Learn how to enable or disable strong passwords in the Security article.