iSpring TalkMaster 9 allows you to add your own characters to make role-plays more realistic and engaging. You can use photos of your colleagues to put the learner in a familiar environment.

Adding Custom Characters

To add your own character:

  1. Create a new scene or edit a preexisting one. 
  2. Click the character picture or No Character to open the character library.

  3. Click the Add Character button and select a character image. The selected image will be used to represent all emotional states.

Editing Custom Characters

All custom characters will appear in the Custom area of the gallery.

  1. Then, right-click the character thumbnail and choose Edit from the context menu. 
  2. In the Edit Character window, you can switch to different tabs and select the appropriate images for each emotion. Click Change to add an image for each emotion on each tab. 

  3. Click Save to finish editing your character. 

All characters with emotions are marked with the smile icon.

Changing a Character Picture

You can change a character picture for another: 

  1. Choose a character in the Custom area of the character library
  2. Right-click the thumbnail and choose Change in the context menu.

Follow the same steps described above to add more emotional states for each character. 

Exporting Custom Characters

You can also export your entire character with all emotions to import later or share with a colleague.

  1. Open the character library.
  2. Right-click a character icon in the list and choose Export in the context menu.

Your character will be exported to an *.tmcharacter file that you can share with others or reuse at any time. 

Importing Custom Characters

To import a saved character:

  1. Click the Add Character button. The standard Open dialog will open. 
  2. Find the TalkMaster character file and click Open to import it. 

Deleting Custom Characters

To delete your character:

  1. Open the Character Library.
  2. Right-click and choose Delete in the context menu.