Customize how the elements will be placed in the player.

Top Bar

TitleEnable and disable the course title. You can edit the title here too.
Buttons PositionSelect the top bar buttons position: on the left or on the right.
PresenterInformation about a presenter.
ResourcesA list of attachments and links added to the course.
NotesSlide notes.
OutlineA list of all course slides.

Bottom Bar

OutlineA list of all course slides.
Play / PauseEnable and disable a button that starts and stops the course playback.
Playback SpeedThe option affects the timing of the course, the speed of video and music playback on the slide, and the pace of animations, transitions, and the display of subtitles.
Notes (CC style)Slide notes.
ReplayEnable and disable a button that automatically starts the playback of a course.
FullscreenEnable and disable a button that switches the fullscreen course playback on and off.
VolumeEnable and disable a button that controls the volume while a course is being taken.
Slide NumberEnable and disable the automatic numbering of the slides on the outline.
PreviousEnable and disable a button that allows returning to the previous slide.
NextEnable and disable a button that allows proceeding to the next slide.

Progress Bar

Enable navigationEnable and disable the seekbar that shows how far the viewer advanced in a slide or in the entire course.
Progress Type

Select the mode of progress shown on the seekbar.

  • Slide progress — the seekbar will show the progress within a current slide
  • Presentation progress — the seekbar will show how much progress has been made in the course


PositionSidebar position: left or right.


Search fieldEnable and disable searching by slide title, content, and notes.
ThumbnailsEnable and disable slide thumbnail display in the outline.
Slide numbersEnable and disable the automatic numbering of the slides on the outline.
Highlight viewed slidesWith this option selected, slides visited by a viewer get highlighted. This behavior is appropriate for courses that use scenarios with limited navigation.

Enable and disable the highlighting of viewed slides. This option will be helpful for courses with limited navigation.
Multilevel outlineEnable and disable the slide tree view that shows their nesting structure. This doesn't have an effect on presentation playback, but it makes navigation much easier.


NotesSelects the position of the notes: on the sidebar, on the top bar, or on the bottom bar. You can disable the notes by choosing the None option.
Presenter videoEnable and disable the presenter video.
Presenter infoSelects the position of the presenter info: on the sidebar or on the top bar.

The presenter info and video cannot be located together on the player sidebar. To see both the presenter’s info and their video, select the On the Top Bar option for the Presenter Info field and select On the Sidebar for the Presenter Video field.
Company logoEnable and disable the company logotype. Supported formats are JPG, PNG, and GIF. The recommended sizes are: sidebar logotype — 268*156 pixels; top bar logotype — 268*50 pixels.