Now you can create a course using ready-made templates included in iSpring Content Library. Select a suitable template, populate it with texts and images, or build a course using a different template for each slide.

All template elements are designed using PowerPoint tools; that's why it will be easy to bring all slides into conformity, change their color scheme, or choose another font.

Adding a Template

To add a new slide template from Content Library:

  1. Click the Slide Templates button on the toolbar.

  2. Specify the slide type: opening, navigation, sections, content, or closing.

  3. Select the device.

  4. Choose a template in the list and click Insert.

Changing the Color Scheme for a Slide Template

Use the same template for all the slides of your course, or select a different template for every slide. To make all slides look alike, use PowerPoint formatting tools.

Here's how to do it: 

  1.  Select one or more slides in the list. To select multiple slides at once, hold SHIFT or CTRL.

  2. Open the Design tab, click on the Variants menu, and select Colors.

  3. In the list that appears, select a standard color scheme or configure one of your own.

  4. The color scheme that has been selected or created will be applied to all slides that have been selected.