iSpring Pro 7 has been improved significantly, now featuring easy slide branching, enhanced narration recording capabilities and ability to convert your presentations to video format.

Flash and HTML5 presentations created with iSpring Pro 7 are now made even more attractive with the brand-new fully customizable player. The detailed description of the new features is provided below:

Publishing Presentations to Video and YouTube

PowerPoint-to-video and YouTube converter is designed to simplify content conversion and sharing by direct uploading of converted PowerPoint presentations to YouTube, with all effects and background audio preserved in an .mp4 format.

Publishing Presentations to iSpring Cloud

By uploading your presentation to the Cloud, you open up four additional options to share your iSpring content: direct link, email, social media, and embed code. Plus, you can use iSpring Cloud as a secure content storage protected on multiple backup servers.


Publishing to Flash and HTML5

iSpring Pro 7 allows you to convert your PowerPoint content into Flash, HTML5 or in the Combined mode (Flash + HTML5). Now, you can create presentations and e-Learning courses that will be supported across devices: computers, tablets and smartphones.

Brand New Universal Player

With iSpring Pro 7, you can create e-Learning courses that adapt to screen size and orientation of all devices: desktops, laptops, Android tablets and iPads.



Save/recover state of presentation

Thanks to extended functionality of the “Resume” option, you can start taking the presentation on one device and continue completing the presentation on another one, with progress saved.

Local Objects Insertion

With this feature, you can add to a presentation any file stored on your PC: a HTML page, a Flash movie or a PDF document. It also allows you to flexibly manage the size of an object and its behavior within a slide. The files you added are integrated with the presentation to become available everywhere.

Experience API Support (Tin Can API)

Publish eLearning courses that support Experience API to get more information and feedback from your eLearning materials. iSpring gives you the chance to take all advantages of the emerging xAPI learning technology.

Easy Slide Branching

You can build an effective scenario of your presentation by using the branching feature. You can adjust navigation buttons of each slide to take the learner exactly where you want to in your course. Alternatively, the navigation buttons can be locked.

Total Navigation Control

Control the flow of your e-Learning course with navigation restriction options. If you find it more effective, you can restrict navigation by making user view the slides one by one or allowing him or her to access previously viewed slides only.


Viewing the presentation on various devices

The updated Preview mode allows you to preview the presentation in a variety of modes: on mobile device, tablet or desktop.

Uploading source files to iSpring Learn

When publishing the project, you can upload source files to iSpring Learn. It allows you to collaborate with your colleagues while working on the project.

Improved Narration Editor

Spend less time recording and synchronizing your audio and video narration. With iSpring's conveniently redesigned timeline, even non-professional users can easily create an audio or  video narration for an eLearning course.

Mass Import of Audio and Video Clips

Upload numerous audio or video clips at once to quickly set up the narration for your eLearning course. Thanks to the automatic timing, all you will have to do is fine-tune the narration.

Better Video Support

iSpring Pro 7 uses the most advanced video codec, which ensures better quality of inserted video with less size of the output file.