The Insert Flash feature allows you to easily insert external Flash movies into your PowerPoint slides.

You can import .swf or .flv files to the slide.

To insert a Flash movie, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Flash Movie button on the iSpring toolbar.
  2. Choose a Flash file to be inserted into the presentation and click Open.
  3. Preview and edit the selected Flash file in the Insert Flash Movie window. For more details, see Flash Movie Options below.
  4. Click OK to add your Flash Movie to the slide.

You will see the first frame of an .swf file or a static placeholder if you added an .flv file. The inserted Flash movie can be easily resized and moved within the slide. 

Change movieThis option allows you to navigate to your Flash file and replace the existing one.
Start playbackThis options allows you to set the Flash Movie to play automatically or on a mouse click.
Show afterThis option allows you to specify when your Flash Movie will appear on a slide. The default delay is 0 seconds, which means that a Flash Movie appears immediately.