Account Owner, Account Administrators, and Department Administrators can send messages to Learners.

Learners can reply to messages but don't have permission to start a chat on their own. However, if there's an instructor assigned to a course, students can send them their questions.

Messaging Between Administrators and Learners

  1. If a user has received a new message, they will see a notification in the Messages area. 

  2. To open the chat, click on it. The conversation will be opened in the right part of the page.

    Write your answer and hit the Forward icon. 

  3. You can delete both particular messages and the entire dialog. 

    To delete a message:

        1.  Click on the three dots next to a message and select Delete message.


    2. The message will be immediately removed.

    To remove the entire dialog:

    1. Click on the cross next to a dialog.

    2. Confirm your choice in the Delete chat window.

Messaging between Instructor and Learners

Learners can send messages to an instructor and receive feedback from them.

  1. To contact an instructor, go to the course page. Then, click the Contact instructor link. 
    Make sure that private messaging is enabled. If exchanging messages is switched off in the account, the instructor photo will still be visible with no option to contact. 

  2. On the Messages page, students can write a message to the instructor and send it.

  3. The instructor will see a notification about a new message in the Messages section.

    If the instructor has been unassigned from the content item, deactivated, or removed from the account, the chat with them will be kept.