As soon as users complete a course, they can leave a review about it and submit a star rating. 

  1. Open the course and go to the Reviews tab.

  2. Now rate the course and type in your review. Then click Post.
    A learner can rate a course from 1 to 5 stars without typing a text review. However, a text review can't be left without a star rating. 

    Your review is posted. Now, it will be seen by other users who are enrolled in the course, learners who open the course in the Catalog, and the administrators.

    Learners can edit the review at any time, change the star rating, or remove the review.

Comments and replies to course reviews

A learner who has completed the course can comment on a review.

  1. Open the course and go to the Reviews tab.

  2. Click Reply under the review you want to comment on.

  3. Add your comment and post it.


iSpring Learn will notify the learner that their review or comment has been responded to: they will receive an email, a notification in the portal, and a push notification.