In the admin portal, you can check all the reviews posted for the course.

  1. As soon as a user has left a review, the instructor will receive a new message in the notifications center in their account. To view a review, they will need to click on the alert. 

  2. The instructor will be redirected on the course editing page in the Reviews tab. Here they can view all the reviews and marks as well as an average mark. It's calculated as an arithmetical mean of all the course marks.

    If you are not a course instructor, simply open a course and select the Reviews tab.

  3. If you consider a review inappropriate remove it. Right after the removal, the course rating will be updated.

Only Account Owner, Account Administrators and Course Authors who have the permission to edit the course can delete reviews.

Comments and replies to course reviews

Reviews can be commented on by Account Owners, Administrators, Authors, and learners who have completed the course.

If a learner has not yet completed the assigned course, they can read reviews and comments, but they cannot write a review or comment.

  1. Go to the course Reviews section.

  2.  Underneath the review, click on Reply.

  3. Write your response and post it.

    Done! You've replied to the review.

    If you made a mistake in your response, you can edit or delete it. 

    Account Owners, Administrators, and Authors who have permission to edit the course can delete their responses, as well as learners’ reviews and comments.

Notifications to the course instructor

If learners leave a review about the course, a reply, or a comment on a review, the course instructor will receive notifications via email and in the Administrator Portal.