To connect Microsoft Teams to your iSpring Learn account:

  1. Go to the Services → Integrations.

  2. Copy the link In the Integration with Microsoft Teams window.

  3. Next, send the link to an employee who has admin access to Microsoft Azure Active Directory. They will need to log in to their Microsoft account.

  4. After they log in, the admin needs to allow the iSpring Learn app access to the Microsoft Azure AD account. To do this, they need to click Accept.

    Done! Integration between iSpring Learn and Microsoft Teams is now allowed.

  5. Next, go back to the Integration with Microsoft Teams window and click Enable Integration.

  6. Enter your credentials and click Next

    Done! Microsoft Teams is now connected to your iSpring Learn account, and you can create Microsoft Teams meetings


    1. Only Account Owner and Account Administrators can enable Microsoft Teams meetings in the iSpring Learn account.

    2. To make Microsoft Teams work properly in iSpring Learn, make sure the Calendar app is installed in the connected Microsoft Teams account.

    3. Microsoft Teams only functions in iSpring Learn with the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 tariff plans, as they include Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online.

      You can refer to the Microsoft plans on the official Microsoft website.

    4. Both the user who schedules the meeting and the administrator who enables integration with Microsoft Teams should have an active Exchange Online license.

    5. Connecting Microsoft Teams to iSpring Learn is possible only if you own a licensed Microsoft Teams account (a work/school account).

    6. Microsoft Teams does not work together with Zoom. Choose one or the other of these services to run online trainings in your account.

    7. The organizer can now launch a meeting 30 minutes before the session starts. Users can join a meeting 15 minutes before the session starts.