Sometimes the administrator only needs to assign a course repeatedly to certain employees, not to all the users enrolled in a course. This happens when one of the learners has scored lower than average during the final test and seemingly needs to review the course. 

In this case, it's a good idea to use the manual course re-enrollment feature. You can do this even if there is automatic re-enrollment is already set up for the course.

  1. Open a course and select the Enrollments tab.

  2. Then choose one or multiple employees to whom you want to reassign the course. Next, click the Reenroll link.

  3. In the Course Re-enrollment window, specify the start and due dates and set up the access settings. 

    If in the Due date field, you select For a period, specify in how many days, weeks, months, or years the courses will be reassigned. Note: a month always has 30 days, and a year — 365 days.

    Note: Current progress in the course will be deleted. That is to say, even if a student has already passed one of the four sections of the course, they will need to start the course over again.

  4. Now the period users have to complete the course within will be displayed under the Date column.


  1. If you set up manual re-enrollment, the scheduled automatic re-enrollment will be canceled (if automatic re-enrollment is enabled for the course).

  2. However, if a user successfully passes the manually assigned course, the course will be re-enrolled automatically next time after the indicated time period has passed (if automatic re-enrollment is enabled for the course). 

  3. The employee starts a reassigned course from scratch. The reassigned course and all its modules will now have the Not Started status.

  4. Consequently, statistics on the reassigned course are collected as new. All the progress that the user has earlier made (the number of passed sections and modules) will be lost.