To save time, you can add a list of users from an Excel file. This option will come in handy if you want to bulk upload your user database exported from your accounting system or when you need to transfer many users to another group or department.  

  1. In the Users section, open the Export/Import menu and select Import Users.

  2. In the Import Users window, download an import template. To do this, click on the link and save the file to your computer.

  3. Add all necessary information about the users into the template. To make the importing feature work correctly, you should keep the original file structure intact. 


    1. You can enter one of the 3 statuses in the Status column: Active, Inactive or Employment Ended.

    2. The required columns are Login and Department ID, and all columns coinciding with the required user profile fields.

    3. The Email column will appear in the import file only if the Email user profile field is required.

    4. Leave the Role column in the import file empty.
    All newly imported users will be assigned to the Learner role, and all existing users will keep the same role they had before. You will be able to change users' roles later after the import process is over.

    5. The department ID can be checked and copied when editing a department

    6. Every user can be added to an unlimited number of groups, and each of the groups requires a separate column to be created.

    7. Let's say the import file contains existing account users and has some Group columns (populated or empty). After the importing process is complete, those users will be excluded from the groups they previously belonged to and will be added to the groups specified in the Group columns.

    If none of the Group columns was populated, the imported users won't belong to any group.

    8. To add users to a new group without excluding them from existing groups, delete all the Group columns and add a new Add to Group column. After the importing process is complete, users will be added to the new group and will remain in the groups they previously belonged to.

    9. The Group or Add to Group columns cannot be used simultaneously. The importing process when using both the Group or Add to Group columns will fail and you will see an error message.

    10. If you specify a new group that doesn't exist yet in the account in the Group or Add to Group column, it will be added to the group list after the importing process is complete. It will be populated with the imported users.

    11. Users imported from an Excel file can be added only to standard groups, not smart groups. If you put a smart group name in the Group or Add to Group column, users will be successfully imported, but won't be assigned to the specified smart group.

    12. There are two ways to set up passwords for newly imported users:

    • Add passwords into the template. The password security level can be set in the Settings section. 
    • Imported users will receive an invitation email (if you check that option in the Import Users window and the email addresses are added to the file). As soon as users follow the link in the email, they will be able to set a password for their account. 

    13. The phone number should start with "+".

    • Select the cell and right-click.
    • Select Format Cells

    • In the Format Cells dialog window click on the Number tab and select the Text category.
    • Click OK.

    • Enter "+" at the beginning of the phone number. 

    14. In the Employee supervisor and Employee functional manager columns, select how supervisors will be assigned to the employee.

    • Leave the field blank if the employee's supervisor is the same as the department's supervisor.
    • Enter No, if employees don't have a supervisor.
    • Enter the supervisor's login, to change a supervisor manually.

    15. In the Birthdate field, enter a date in the "yyyy-mm-dd" Text format. Make sure Birthdays are enabled in your account settings.

  4. Upload the file with the user list. To do this, click on Select file, choose the file on your computer and click Open.

  5. Add an invitation message for the imported users. To do this, select Send an email invitation to enter the learning portal and modify the message as you wish.

  6. Click on Import.

  7. If the Delete users while importing from XLSX option is enabled, you will be asked to confirm that you are ready to update your user list fully. In other words, only users from the imported file will remain in the account, and all others (aside from Account Owner) will be deleted.

  8. After the importing process is complete, you will see a pop-up window announcing its results. Here you can copy results and possible errors. Click Done to go to the user list.