Request: GET /user/{user_id}

When requesting GET /user/{user_id}, the values for the "Inactive" and "Employment Ended" statuses are the same — 3.

To differentiate between these statuses, use the GET /user/{user_id}/v2 request. In this way, in the status parameter, inactive users will be indicated by status 3, while users who are identified as "Employment Ended" will be indicated by status 5.

Permissions to Run the Request

Account Owner, Account Administrators, Department Administrators, or custom roles

Department Administrators and users with a custom role can get information about users belonging only to the departments they manage and their sub-departments.

Request Headers

X-Auth-Account-Url (required)The base URL of the account, e.g. https://myaccount.ispringlearn.com
X-Auth-Email (required)The login of Account Owner, Account Administrator, Department Administrator, or a user with a custom role
X-Auth-Password (required)The password of Account Owner, Account AdministratorDepartment Administrator, or a user with a custom role
user_id (required)The user`s ID.

Response Parameters

userProfileAn array with user`s data.

The user ID.


The user's role.

Possible values:

  • learner
  • administrator
  • department_administrator
  • publisher
  • custom
departmentIdThe ID of the department.

The user's status.

Possible values:

  • 1 —  active
  • 3 —  inactive
  • 5 —  employment ended

An array with data about user profile fields. It includes profile field names and their values.

groupsAn array with the group IDs the user is a member of.
manageableDepartmentIdsAn array with the IDs of the departments the user manages.

An array with data about the user's roles.

addedDateThe date the user was added to the account.
lastLoginDateThe date the user last timed logged in to the account.
subordination (optional)An array with data on the type of department supervisor subordination.
coSubordination (optional)An array with data on the type of functional manager subordination.
subordinationType (required)

The type of supervisor and functional manager subordination.

  • inherit — Inherit from parent department.
  • manual — Assign manually.
  • no_supervisor — No supervisor.
supervisorId (optional)The supervisor and functional manager ID.Specify the supervisor ID, if subordinationType = manual.
-If subordinationType = inherit, no_supervisor, there is no need to specify the supervisor ID.

Possible Response Codes


The request was successfully processed. The body of the response will contain xml data with user info.

400Bad RequestA request error.
401UnauthorizedAn authorization error.
403Permission Denied

The user doesn't have enough permissions to complete the request.

Sample Request

GET /user/f29d887c-5cff-11e9-9e6a-0a580af40692 https/1.1
Host: api-learn.ispringlearn.com
X-Auth-Account-Url: https://myaccount.ispringlearn.com
X-Auth-Email: email@email.com
X-Auth-Password: password

Sample Response

https/1.1 200 OK

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <value>Sales Manager</value>