Check how your students are gaining new knowledge while reading through a page. To do this, add an exercise — one or multiple questions that are embedded in the chapter. Learners will answer questions, receive feedback, and figure out whether they fully understood and memorized the read-through article. 

Creating Exercise

To add an exercise:

  1. Click  and select Exercise.

  2. In the opened window, add questions and answer options, feedbacks and set up other exercise parameters.

Exercise Questions

Adding Questions

  1. To add more questions into the exercise, click New Question and choose the question type:
    1. Multiple Choice — only one answer is correct.
    2. Multiple Response — multiple answers can be right.
    3. Short Answer — users enter the answer manually.

  2. Next, add the question text and format it if you wish. You can make the text bold, italic or underline it. Also, you can insert a link.

  3. There are two ways to add a picture to the question: 
    1. Upload an image from the computer.
    2. Insert link or embed code.

      If you upload an image from the computer, click
      Upload image, select an image on your local disc, and click Open.

      In case the picture you want to add to the question is posted on the Internet, copy its URL, click Add image URL, put the link into the field, and press Enter.

      To remove an image from the question or replace it by a new one, click Edit next to the picture and choose the necessary option.

Adding Answers

Now that the question is added, start adding answers to it. Enter the answer options and establish the correct ones. 

If the question format is Short Answer, add all possible answer options that may be considered correct. If you check Case sensitive, iSpring Learn will consider the letter case when verifying the answer. Let's say, the 'red Sea' answer will be wrong, and the 'Red Sea' option will be correct.


You can set up feedback for every question. Choose one of two feedback messages types.

  1. Any answer — the message will appear whether the response is correct or not.

    For instance, for the 'Which sea is the saltiest?' question, you can add the following feedback message: 'The saltiest sea on the Earth is the Red Sea. Its water holds 41 grams of salt in every liter'.

  2. Correct/Incorrect — create two messages that will be shown respectively for correct and incorrect answers.

    Let's say, if students give a correct answer to the 'Which sea is the saltiest?' question, add the following text: 'Correct! Its water holds 41 grams of salt in every liter'. For an incorrect answer, you can set up such a message: 'The answer is incorrect. Have another read of the chapter and try again'.

Exercise Settings

After you added questions and answers to the exercise, go to editing its settings.

  1. Click Settings at the bottom left corner. 

  2. There are two exercise parameters which could be changed:
    1. Shuffle answers — answers to the question will be shown randomly.
    2. Show correct answers — after the question is answered, correct answers will be shown.

  3. Adjust settings as you wish and click Done.

Congratulations! You have added an exercise to your page.