By default, reviews are enabled for all account courses. However, for certain courses, reviews can be disabled and re-enabled later.

Enabling Reviews for the Entire Account

Account Owner and Account Administrator can enable reviews for all courses.

  1. Open the Settings section, select the Additional Options tab and click User Portal

  2. Check Enable course reviews and click Save.

  3. Now your students can leave reviews about the courses that they have completed. You, as an admin, can check course ratings.

Enabling and Disabling Reviews for Certain Courses

  1. Select a course for which you want to disable or re-enable reviews. 

  2. Then, open the Completion tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Course Reviews section and drag the toggle button to the position needed.

  4. Finally, save the changes.

    Account Owner, Account Administrators, Department Administrator, and users whose custom role allows to view and enroll users into training programs can disable and re-enable reviews for a particular course.