The Dashboard is the first page you will see after you sign in to your iSpring Learn account.

On this page, you can view the brief statistics on the activity in your account:

  • How many content items have been uploaded,
  • How many users have been registered in the LMS,
  • How many groups have been created,
  • How many times users logged in to the account during the 1-month pay period. 

Also, on this page, you can check the following types of quick reports:

  • Ready for evaluation — a list of homework assignments that your students sent for review.
    From the main page, you can grade users` assignments and open the Assignment Overview report.

  • Newest Content — information about the five newest content items uploaded by publishers and administrators last week.


  • Materials published as parts of courses are not counted in the total amount of content in the account.
    The total amount of content includes only courses, learning tracks, and standalone materials.