Under the Notifications tab, you can manage alerts that arrive at Learners' and Administrators' emails and accounts. 

Enrollment Notification

  1. Go to the course editing page and select the Notifications tab. Make sure that enrollment notifications are enabled.

  2. Enter the subject for your enrollment notification. You'll have a maximum of 255 characters for this.

  3. Change the notification message. Reset the default text if needed. You can use up to 1,000 characters to write your text.

  4. Done! Be sure to save the changes you've made.

Due Date Notification

Send your Learners several automatic reminders when the completion date of the course is approaching.

To do this:

  1. Turn on Notify users when a due date is approaching.

  2. Click Add Notification. You can add up to 3 notifications.
  3. Now schedule when to send the notifications. You can send out automated email reminders to Learners a couple of days, hours, or minutes before the due date. 
  4. Then, click Edit notification text.

  5. Type in the Subject and the Notification text for your reminder.

  6. Click on Save.

Past Due Notification

Account Administrators can have automatic notifications sent to Learners to let them know that the due date for completing specific learning content has passed, but that the content is still viewable.

  1. Turn on Notify learners that a course is past due.

  2. Click Add notification.
  3. Then, select in how many days or weeks you want to notify Learners that learning content is past due.
    You can add up to 3 notifications.
  4. Then, click Edit notification text.

  5. Type in the Subject and the Notification text. Click on Save.

    For Learners to get Past due notifications and still be able to study the Learning content, don't restrict access to the content.

Course Completion Notification

Add an alert that will notify Administrators when students successfully finish a course. 

  1. Check Notify admins when a user completes the course.

  2. Add Administrators who will receive these notifications. To do this, start entering a name, last name, login, or email. Left-click on the right match to choose.

  3. Click Save to apply your changes before you leave the page.