Select a color scheme for your iSpring Learn account.

  1. There are two options to set up a new color scheme.

    Choose one of the preset color schemes.

     If the preset color schemes do not suit you, choose the colors yourself.  Click on the pencil iconand select the accent color and the top panel background and text colors.

    Accent colorThe color that defines the colors of all main page elements, such as buttons and icons.
    Top panel backgroundThe color of the top panel in the admin and user portals.
    Top panel textThe color of the elements located on the top panel in the admin and user portals, such as icons and inscriptions.

  2.  After you have selected a new color scheme, make sure you save the changes.

  3. Now you can take a look at the updated design by clicking on the User Portal button.

  4. The user portal with the updated design will open in a new tab.