Catalog is a collection of additional courses and trainings available to learners in your iSpring Learn account. 

  1. In the User Portal, go to the Catalog section. You will see Courses and Trainings tabs.

  2. In the Courses tab, you can find different categories of courses. Select the one you need. Inside a category, you can organize courses by course name or rating.

  3. Open any course that interests you and click on Add to "My Courses." The selected course will then appear on the enrolled list. 

  4. To get approval from the administrator, first send your request to view the course and wait for the administrator's response.

How to unenroll from learning content coming from the catalog

  1. Select the content you want to unenroll from in the My Courses or Catalog tab.

  2. Click on the> Unenroll From Course.

  3. Submit your decision to unenroll.

    Done! Now you only see the courses you need.

    A Learner cannot unenroll from the content if:

    • A Learner added a course from the catalog, and the Account Administrator enrolled them in the same course.
    • A Learner has already completed the course.