Catalog is a collection of additional courses available to all account users. Here, you can add books on negotiation techniques and sign language, lectures on psychology and leadership, video tutorials on drawing and cooking, and anything else you can imagine. 

Some of your users may not need all the courses. For instance, a web design video course might not be that useful for accountants, and programmers most likely won't be interested in a flipbook about social media marketing. 

In this new version of the Catalog, you can give access to a category to a certain number of departments. For example, make the Welcome to Company category available only for the New Hires department. New employees will see this category in the Catalog section, and other staff members will not. 

Selecting a department for a category comes in handy when there are multilingual employees in the company. Open the Les Technique de Vente category, which includes content in French only for the French Branch Office department, and it will be available only to your French-speaking colleagues. English-speaking users belonging to the New York Headquarters department won't see it. 

To go to the Catalog section, click Settings, choose Additional Options and select Course and Training Catalog.