You can create a standalone assignment or an assignment within a course.

How to Add a Standalone Assignment

  1. Go to Learning Section and click Create Assignment.

  2. Then, add the assignment title, description, and instructions and set the passing score. 

  3. Next, add assignment instructor.

    • Permission Rights

      You can assign the Account Owner, Account Administrators, Department Administrators, and a user with a custom role with the right to grade assignments as an instructor.

      Department Administrators and users with a custom role can view and grade users` assignments only in the department they manage and its sub-departments.

  4. In the Assignment Instructor section, click Add Instructor.

  5. Select an employee and click Add.

  6. Finally, click Save.

    Great! You’ve added an assignment.

How to Add a Course Assignment

  1. Open the course and click AddAssignment.

  2. In the pop-up window, enter a name for the assignment and add a description. Then, enter the passing score.

  3. Next, add the instructor who will check the assignments. To do this, in the Assignment Instructor section, click Add Instructor.

  4. Then, select an employee and click Add.

  5. Finally, click Create.