On the Edit Course page, open the Completion tab to enable issuing a certificate, set up gamification settings and add re-enrollment. 


You can issue a certificate to a user who has successfully completed the course.

To deliver a certificate to users who completed the course:

  1. –°heck Issue a certificate after course completion.

  2. You can choose a certificate template in the Certificate menu. A standard template is available by default.
    Want to add a new certificate template? Learn how to do this in the Certificate Templates article.

  3. Click Preview Template, to look at your certificate from the users' perspective.
    The certificate will be opened in a new tab.

  4. Select the period of the certificate in the For a period field: Unlimited or Time-limited.
    Specify how many days, weeks, months or years after the delivery the certificate will be expired.

Course Re-enrollment

Here you can enable an automatic course re-assignment. Learn more about this option in the Automatic Re-enrollments article.


Specify the number of points your learners will get after they complete the course, To do this, check Reward for course completion and enter the needed digit.

The points are awarded even is the content item is overdue if you have allowed viewing the course after the completion date under the Availability tab.

Learn more about a game-based learning approach in iSpring Learn in the Gamification article.