To view a file in your iSpring Cloud account, click its title in the Content List. You will be directed to the View Content page. From there, you can preview, download, and share a file.  

Preview a Presentation

With the new iSpring Cloud player, you can easily demonstrate your PowerPoint presentations.  

Use player controls or hotkeys to manage the demonstration:

  Open up the Thumbnail menu
  Move Left/Right to the next slide
  Display your content in the Full Screen mode


  • Space - go to the next animation
  • Arrow Right - go to the next slide
  • Arrow Left - go to the previous slide
  • Esc and F11 (if supported by a web browser) - exit the full screen mode.

If you uploaded an iSpring-created presentation via iSpring product or used manual upload (.ismpkg), the presentation will keep the initially configured player and control buttons.