To create your iSpring Cloud account:

  1. Type in your email address on the iSpring Cloud page. You will receive an account activation link to the submitted e-mail.
  2. Click Activate account in the email.

  3. Fill out the authorization form. 

  4. Click Activate My Account to sign in to your account.

Once registered, you get access to the fully functional Pro version free for 14 days. With this free version, you can upload and share up to 100 presentations, videos, images, and documents. 

If you want to apply for a Business account, go to this page and follow the steps above. Here you can find more information about the main differences between Pro and Business plans.


  1. PDF files cannot be uploaded to the trial version of iSpring Cloud.

  2. A Business version of iSpring Cloud can include multiple users who will manage all uploaded content. However, you will need to pay separately for every new user. 

    To find out how many users are included in your plan, go to the Settings section and select the Billing tab.

    If you want to add extra users to your iSpring Cloud account, contact us, and our sales manager will provide you with a quote.