iSpring Cloud allows you to share your files with others via email right from your account. The Email Report shows the activity of an email recipient. Activity means the following information: what content items were viewed and how much time they viewed a presentation or a media file.

To view the Email Report:

  1. On the Tracking page, click Email Tracking.
  2. Click on the email address
    Click View Report in the corresponding row

  3. The report page lists all content items shared with a selected email recipient and the number of slides viewed.

    You can open a detailed report for each presentation in the Campaign list by clicking its title.

The summary part includes the following information:


Link open rate (how many times a shared link was opened)

Viewed Slides

The number of viewed slides

Total Duration

The total content viewing time

In the report table, you can track the number of views per each slide and check average content viewing time.